Smart Trading from Japan|Matching World Inc.

M-Matching System—Trading service for corporate and individual business owners. We have more than 50,000 items in ordinary stock.

Smart Trading from Japan ;
You can buy and sell your inventory of
Game, Figure and Trading Card.

More than 3,000 customers are using
M-Matching System.

Seller, sell your goods (Game, Figure, Trading Card) on M-Matching system.
Buyer, find interesting items on M-Matching system and buy at the lower price.

M-Matching System by Matching World Inc.

Advantages of seller side

  • Inventory Disposal and earlier capitalization
  • Realization of inventories compression
  • Market cultivation
  • Utilization of storage facilities work
  • Web of world business, improvement of selling plan

Advantages of buyer side

  • Ensuring cheaper merchandise
  • Assortment of products
  • Improve purchase route
  • The timely purchase of buyer
  • Reduce purchasing procedure
  • Efficiency of the purchasing plan

The advantages of M-Matching System

Seller can sell unsold goods at fair price. Buyer can buy goods cheaper than the market price.

M-Matching System connects internet, it becomes possible to overseas trading.

Can be traded anonymously, not rise bad rumor.

We ship the goods from our logistics center, defective product is mixed can be done low.

The account registration is free. Sales commission occurs only in the time when goods sold.